Understanding The Strep

untdtsJason awoke in the middle of the night feeling like his throat was on fire. He dragged himself out of bed to get a drink of water, but he could hardly swallow one sip. His mother heard him in the kitchen and saw that he did not look well. “What’s wrong?” she asked. He needed medical help.

“That’s what I’s like to know. My throat feels terrible,” he croaked. His mother took his temperature and announced it was 102. Then she looked down his throat. It was very red, and she thought she saw white spots.

“I’ll take you to the doctor in the morning. You may have strep throat.”

What Is Strep Throat?

Strep throat, or “strep,” is a form of sore throat caused by an infection from the streptococcus bacteria. Anyone can get strep throat, but it typically affects young people between the …

Keep Your Pets Away From Pesticides!

pafptcsTriazines. Dipyridyls. Chlorpyrifos. Across the country, people are increasing their use of such strange-sounding chemicals to control insects, to kill pests, and to help lawns, gardens, and trees grow. But these same chemicals–and many others–can also poison our pets, even parrots!

Chemicals that kill bugs or animals are called pesticides, and there are specific pesticides for specific pests: insecticides for killing insects and rodenticides for eliminating mice, rats, and other rodents. Chemicals used to kill weeds and unwanted plants are called herbicides. It’s enough to consider a serious environmental issue.

Problems in the Yard

Too often, however, pesticides are not used properly, and they find their way onto pets–and even children. Dr. Edward P. Krenzelok, the director of the Pittsburgh Poison Center, says that pesticides have caused more than 70,000 poisoning incidents, especially in children, in a single year. Scientists estimate that the number of …

Heart Attack: Avoid It By Watching For These Signs

hrtatkMyocardial infarction. There’s a mouthful. It’s a tongue-twiser, isn’t it? And it sounds serious.

Well, it is.

Myocardial infarction is medical language for a heart attack. It means the death of tissue (an infarct) in the muscular wall of the heart (the myocardium).

Heart attack is known by several names. coronary thrombosis is a heart attack caused by a clot in the coronary arteries. Sometimes, it is caused by snoring. Coronary occlusion is a blocked artery that could have a number of causes. Myocardial infarction refers to the end result–the damage or death of a part of the heart muscle. Read the full post »

Stay Smart With Your Nutrition

fnvtbsThe world of food and nutrition was easy to understand in your great-great-grandmother’s day. Most of the foods she used in cooking were fresh. Sometimes the fruits and vegetables were grown right in her own back yard. Those were the days of home canning, meat curing, and butter churning. As most meals were made from scratch, cooking was considered a full-time job.

And years ago, your great-great -grandmother’s typical food choices at the grocery store were simple: fresh fruits and vegetables in season, milk, butter, flour, sugar, salt, and meat.

Times have changed since then. Women have joined the work force, and have rights and have less time to cook. Convenience food has Read the full post »

Meunstration, Menopause And Managing It All

mmpShannon flew into the house at top speed, climbing the stairs two at a time to reach her big sister’s bedroom. She entered the room, closed the door behind her, leaned against it, and pronounced in a hushed. reverent voice, “I just got my period. Now what do I do?”

“What do you mean, what do you do?”

“I mean, what if I bleed all over my clothes and everybody knows about it? God, Jenny, I’m scared.”

Jenny got off the bed, went to Shannon, and put her arms around her. “Hey, Shannon. Come on. It’ll be OK. I felt the same way. I thought all the guys would know about it and laugh. But they didn’t. Nobody every knew, except people that I wanted to know.”

Shann on was quite for a minute. “Jenny, I’m just not sure how to manage all this stuff about …

Where To Get Data Recovery? How About In Irvine?

A hard drive crash is different from operating system crash. However, both problems will deter you from accessing your data when you want it. This is why you need to have a backup file as you do not know when these problems are going to occur. Your computer may be working perfectly fine today and may crash the next day. If you have encountered a hard drive crash, it is important that you have some basic knowledge about data recovery. You also should probably know the various causes of the crash. More often than not, it is caused by either logical or physical failure. If your hard drive is making a clicking noise, it is a sign that it has encountered, or is beginning to encounter physical drive failure. Instead of just rebooting your computer, it is best that you power it down as soon as you feel like something is very wrong.

hard-disk-crash-recoveryIf a hard drive crash has already ensured the drive is beyond repair, it is best to buy a new hard drive as you might just increase the risk of losing the data by continuing to use the old drive. You also may want to get help from an expert so you will have an idea about some of the preventive measures you can take. It really pays to have a reliable hard drive because it saves you from losing your data and spending a ton of cash on trying to retrieve it later.

Simple Steps to Fix A Broken Hard Drive

If you have suddenly discovered that you cannot get your hard drive to work, it can seem like the world is ending for you. However, it is best to verify the reason for failures before you take your hard drive to a professional to have it fixed. It is indeed challenging to fix a broken hard drive. You have to start by checking even the simplest details such as the power supply. More often than not, this problem may actually be due to power failure. Make sure that you know the root cause of the problem with your system as fixing your hard drive can be costly. There are some solutions that you can read about on the Internet but they can be risky if you don’t really have a lot of experience with them.

When you intend to fix your broken hard drive by yourself, make sure you do not risk losing your data. Start with the basics such as the cables and the mechanical connections within your computer case. If you really want to fix broken hard drive, you can start by physically testing the drive. If you are not sure how to resolve the issue with your hard disk, it is recommended that you hire a professional for the job. Make sure you hire someone capable of resolving the problem.

Where Should You Go For Professional Help?

There is no need to be frustrated if you have experienced data loss because you can still retrieve it with the help of the professional data recovery service engineers at Hard Disk Recovery Services in Irvine. They offer emergency level low priced hard drive data recovery services whether you need laptop, PC or RAID server help. Read the full post »

Genetics And Your Medical Future

mftureMarla, a junior, was worried. Lately she was always thirsty and always going to the bathroom. Her weight had dropped a bit, even though she was eating as she always did. Plus, she was always hungry. Marla told her mom what was happening. Good thing she did.

As it turns out, Marla’s grandmother and uncle both have diabetes, a disease in which the body cannot properly use sugar. Marla’s mom knew that the disease ran in their family. She recognized the early symptoms and quickly made a doctor’s appointment for Marla. Marla was diagnosed with diabetes. Her doctor and the doctor’s diabetes information teal taught her how to lead a normal, active life while taking care of the disease.

Luckily for Marla, her mother had kept a medical history of their family, including one for Marla. A medical history is a collection of information concerning your …

Personality Types: What Color Are You?

psltpsDo any of these statements sound like something you have said or might say?

“I can’t decide which courses to take; there are so many things I want to learn about.”

“I wish all the people on this committee would do their fair share, not just me.”

“She asked me what I’m planning to do next year. I don’t like to plan that far ahead.”

“Why can’t everyone just get along? The put-downs really bother me.”

Scholars say that temperament (a unique behavior pattern that we are born with) falls into four categories, which can be represented by four colors.

True Colors[R]

A fun, enjoyable way to begin to understand yourself and others is through True Colors[R], a self-awareness program developed by a former teacher, Don Lowry. Has anyone ever said to you, “You’re showing your true colors”? This usually means the “real you” is shining …

Act Fast With Injuries And Save Long Term Pain

afwialtThe scene is an expressway. A car has crossed three lanes of traffic and gone into a guardrail. Inside the car is an unconscious woman, bleeding from her mouth and leg. A number of people have pulled off the road to help. When you arrive, the woman is beginning to awaken and is confused The car is still running and smoke or steam is coming from under the hood. All the people who have stopped are just standing around looking at the car and the injured driver, but nobody has touched the victim, spoken, to her, or helped her. And surprisingly, nobody has summoned help.

If it seems strange to you that an accident victim with such an obvious need for medical attention had not prompted someone to summon help, you’ll be even more amazed to learn this is typical. Studies have shown that the more people there are at an accident scene, the less likely anybody has aided the victim or called for help. Read the full post »

Vets Take Charge In Fight Against Extinction

wlhtsA new breed of veterinarians is teaming up with wildlife biologists and other scientists to heal wild and endangered animals that are sick, hurt, or injured. They are also studying and implementing new ways to increase the populations of endangered animals and bring them back from the brink of extinction.

Why would wild animals, especially endangered species, need medical treatment? A key reason is–humans. Growing cities and rural populations mean natural wildlife habitats are being overrun by human development. Thus habitat loss cuts down the places where animals normally live and breed, and populations fall. It also brings humans and wild animals into close contact. The animals usually get the worst of it.

Injuries caused by collusions with cars, windows, fences, and power line makes up many of the cases wild animal vets treat. Pollution, such as oil and toxic chemical spills in inland and …

Keep Fit Around The House!

kfath“Sorry, Mon,” yelled Glenda. “I’ll clean the bathroom later. Randy and I have a date to go biking. See you later.”

“Hey, Dad, those leaves will be around tomorrow,” said Tony. “I’ve got football practice in just 10 minutes, OK?”

Here’s how Sandy explained it: “Grandma, I know I promised to help you with the laundry. But I gotta meet my friends at the mall. We’re gonna try out that new health club. OK if I give you a hand tomorrow?”

Glenda, Tony, and Sandy are headed out Read the full post »