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Keep Your Pets Away From Pesticides!

pafptcsTriazines. Dipyridyls. Chlorpyrifos. Across the country, people are increasing their use of such strange-sounding chemicals to control insects, to kill pests, and to help lawns, gardens, and trees grow. But these same chemicals–and many others–can also poison our pets, even parrots!

Chemicals that kill bugs or animals are called pesticides, and there are specific pesticides for specific pests: insecticides for killing insects and rodenticides for eliminating mice, rats, and other rodents. Chemicals used to kill weeds and unwanted plants are called herbicides. It’s enough to consider a serious environmental issue.

Problems in the Yard

Too often, however, pesticides are not used properly, and they find their way onto pets–and even children. Dr. Edward P. Krenzelok, the director of the Pittsburgh Poison Center, says that pesticides have caused more than 70,000 poisoning incidents, especially in children, in a single year. Scientists estimate that the number of …

Personality Types: What Color Are You?

psltpsDo any of these statements sound like something you have said or might say?

“I can’t decide which courses to take; there are so many things I want to learn about.”

“I wish all the people on this committee would do their fair share, not just me.”

“She asked me what I’m planning to do next year. I don’t like to plan that far ahead.”

“Why can’t everyone just get along? The put-downs really bother me.”

Scholars say that temperament (a unique behavior pattern that we are born with) falls into four categories, which can be represented by four colors.

True Colors[R]

A fun, enjoyable way to begin to understand yourself and others is through True Colors[R], a self-awareness program developed by a former teacher, Don Lowry. Has anyone ever said to you, “You’re showing your true colors”? This usually means the “real you” is shining …

Act Fast With Injuries And Save Long Term Pain

afwialtThe scene is an expressway. A car has crossed three lanes of traffic and gone into a guardrail. Inside the car is an unconscious woman, bleeding from her mouth and leg. A number of people have pulled off the road to help. When you arrive, the woman is beginning to awaken and is confused The car is still running and smoke or steam is coming from under the hood. All the people who have stopped are just standing around looking at the car and the injured driver, but nobody has touched the victim, spoken, to her, or helped her. And surprisingly, nobody has summoned help.

If it seems strange to you that an accident victim with such an obvious need for medical attention had not prompted someone to summon help, you’ll be even more amazed to learn this is typical. Studies have shown that the more …